-Does your computer fail to bootup?
-Does your computer freeze and reboot?
-Cannot access your data due to the lost password?
-Does your computer contain critical data?
-Don't have a recent backup?
-Reformatted your harddrive?
-Accidentally deleted files?

Our blog will provide the relevant information on free tools, techniques, and approaches to recover your computer and get your valuable data back.

Avira UnErase Personal

Avira UnErase Personal free uneraser helps computer users to prevent the danger of loosing forever important information, images, videos, and other files.

Avira UnErase Personal was built as a free data recovery instrument practical to recover deleted data on the PC hard-drive in situations like hard-drive accidents, files erased by mistake or as a result of a virus infection, a tool uninstaller that deleted necessary files or defective tool that erased files on your PC.


  • Restore accidentally, carelessly or intentionally deleted files on PCs. With Avira UnErase you can restore deleted files which were removed from the system’s Recycle Bin or which where directly deleted.
  • You can also replicate files that were deleted by viruses, uninstallers or by DOS programs.
  • Compressed and encrypted files are also supported.
Recovery probability
  • All files detected for recovery are marked with a level of recovery probability. Usually, even files marked as "poor" can be easily recovered.
Sorting possibilities
  • With Avira UnErase it is possible to sort detected files by various criteria: name, size, type, probability of recovery, date and time of creation and last access.
Taylor-made solution
  • Avira UnErase is available to home users as a workstation application and to business users as a network version.
Main Features
  • Versatile, simple, and fast data recovery solution in case of emergency.
  • Extremely high success rate.
  • Pre-installation not required.
  • Smooth integration with Windows Explorer, intuitive operation.
  • Supported file systems: FAT16, FAT32, NTFS4, NTFS5.
  • Recovery of compressed files (NTFS, NTFS5).
  • Recovery of encrypted files (NTFS5).
  • Recovery of streams (NTFS, NTFS5).
  • Recovery of more than one file with the same name.
  • Recovery of local files.
Website: http://www.free-av.com/en/tools/10/avira_unerase_personal.html

Software Download: http://www.ziddu.com/download/4754701/unerase_en_h.exe.html

Screen - Click to Enlarge:

Avira UnErase Personal

Avira UnErase Personal is rated 3 of 5 on the list of 24 Freeware Utilities for Data Recovery at RateItAll.

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