-Does your computer fail to bootup?
-Does your computer freeze and reboot?
-Cannot access your data due to the lost password?
-Does your computer contain critical data?
-Don't have a recent backup?
-Reformatted your harddrive?
-Accidentally deleted files?

Our blog will provide the relevant information on free tools, techniques, and approaches to recover your computer and get your valuable data back.

Automatic Drivers Checker and Updater RadarSync is now Free

Yes, until recently, the program was shareware. So, the users, who were reluctant to test it under non-freebie conditions, are free now to test and use it with no limitations.

With this utility, you can ensure your computer is running smooth, fast, and most efficiently due to the latest available drivers instantly updated for all hardware devices installed. Get the latest, correct updates for your PC's essential driver and software files with this free automatic update checker. Updating frequently prevents computer problems such as crashes, security holes and bugs, components and peripherals that don't work properly, and a slow computer.

RadarSync provides a detailed list of the updates your computer needs and helps you download and install them. RadarSync takes the guesswork out of the important task of keeping your computer up-to-date. With RadarSync, you know you're getting exactly the files your computer needs, without wasting time hunting around vendor websites.

Following the utility initialization on your PC, it is starting to scan your computer for any available updates. The scan process takes only a few minutes and the program pulls up the computer running components and their status in terms of the available drivers’ updates. RadarSync works by checking your PC against authors’ database of over 90,000 files. It searches for updates for the installed driver and software files on your computer, notifies you when they are available, and helps you download and install them in the right place.

The good thing is that there is an option to select the programs you want to update, so you are in power to choose only the drivers you are interested in. If there are the case, when, for some reason, you prefer to keep the existing driver version, you will be able to keep it with no problems to argue with this software.

Note that you need to be patient during the process of downloading and drivers update, and the time depends on the current computer status. While the software is downloading and updating drivers, be prepared to the situation, when your computer will temporary stop responding, since the operation will require significant computer resources.

OS: All Windows Operating Systems are supported, including Windows Vista and Windows 7. Choose the appropriate operational file from the authors’ webpage.

Note: Before performing any updated, I would recommend creating a restore point. Safety first!

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