-Does your computer fail to bootup?
-Does your computer freeze and reboot?
-Cannot access your data due to the lost password?
-Does your computer contain critical data?
-Don't have a recent backup?
-Reformatted your harddrive?
-Accidentally deleted files?

Our blog will provide the relevant information on free tools, techniques, and approaches to recover your computer and get your valuable data back.

Lost data recovery with Disk Investigator

Disk Investigator helps you to discover all that is hidden on your computer hard disk. It can also help you to recover lost data. This freeware utility displays the true hard drive contents by bypassing the operating system and directly reading the raw drive sectors. You can view and search raw directories, files, clusters, and system sectors.

Two most widely used practical applications are the ability to verify the effectiveness of file and disk wiping programs, and possibility to undelete previously erased data.

While the software is not designed for the computer illiterate users, in some cases, it can recover the data, when other software utilities, even commercial, fail. It is a very powerful utility, where you can edit your Hard Drive on a sector-by-sector basis, and access the layers, which you have difficulties to access by any other tools.

Operation Modes:

1.       Disk View mode:

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2.       Raw directory and file view mode:

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Supports: Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT, Win2000, WinXP.

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