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-Does your computer freeze and reboot?
-Cannot access your data due to the lost password?
-Does your computer contain critical data?
-Don't have a recent backup?
-Reformatted your harddrive?
-Accidentally deleted files?

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Avira AntiVir Personal Free Antivirus

Consistently at or near the top of independent efficacy testers, Avira's AntiVir remains one of the best freeware security solutions around. Its scans are flexible, allowing the user to fully scan both internal and external hard drives, run a preloaded scan--for rootkits, for example--or customize a scan. The latest version introduces antispyware protections, scanning tech that can crack open "locked" files, improved internal security to prevent AntiVir's files from being maliciously altered, and one-click threat removal--no more baby-sitting.

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There are few interface changes in version 9, and older users are not likely notice anything different in the interface besides a refreshed banner logo. The main window offers left side navigation with drop-down menus and a central pane for more detailed information. AntiVir opens to the Status menu, informing you of your last scan, your last definition file update, whether the real-time guard is active, and premium upgrade link. Events logs changes to the program and the Reports tab keeps a history of threats. Both are exportable.

The Local Protection and Administration navigation options reveal the Scanner, Guard, Quarantine, and Scheduler features. Combined with the Configuration button located at the top of the central pane, users can customize their scans as necessary. Quarantined file information is on display, with options to scan it again, restore, delete, and e-mail the file to Avira. The rebuilt heuristic engine retains the same choices from the previous versions, and can be turned on or off in part or in full and offers three intensity levels. The scheduler offers much that other free antivirus programs don't, and the help features are excellent, with mouse-over information on each feature.

Savvy users will notice the removal of the on-demand e-mail scan, and AntiVir is still challenging to fully uninstall. Despite these hang-ups and the nag screen that follows definition file updates, AntiVir offers such effective protection and a well-rounded set of features that as long as the updates keep coming, it'll be our first line of defense.

Notable Advantages
  • Simple installation and setup.
  • Complete with the tools needed to protect your computer: anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-adware, anti-dialer, anti-spam (not available in free version), and anti-rootkit and anti-phishing protection.
  • Easy one-click configuration system with individual settings for standard and expert levels.
  • Exceptional performance and detection ratings using the latest in scanning technology.
  • Frequent signature updates to ensure that the program is able to continuously protect you against malware and hackers.
  • Ability to scan every file directory and archive.
  • Ensures the protection of all active processes against intrusion and data interception.
  • Utilizes strong heuristic scanning to protect against previously unknown macro and boot record viruses.
  • Includes a special Game Mode for handling video game files (not available for free version).
  • Licenses up to three computers.
  • Includes new WebGuard module that allows you to safely web surf and download content from the internet.
WebGuard Features (not available for free version)
  • Checks files downloaded from the web for active viruses.
  • The ability to recognize defective content before it is installed onto your computer.
  • The ability to block, isolate or completely ignore compromised web sites.
  • The ability to excluded legitimate files and sites from examination.
  • Compatible with almost any available web browser.
Firewall Capability (not available for free version)
One of the biggest features of the Avira Premium Security Suite is the powerful firewall.  This priceless inclusion works as a two-way component that controls all incoming and outgoing activity via wired or wireless connection.  The firewall keeps you protected from treacherous intruders and attacks strong enough to paralyze your computer. Avira's firewall is very user-friendly and comes with adjustable slide controls for easy customization.

ParentalControl blocks websites unsuitable for children (not available for free version).

While there are certain limitation of the free version, you could see in the description, for those, who are not going to pay for the extra features, Avira offers a powerful and effective security solution, which is highly rated among experts and end users. Lately, it is residing among top three free antivirus solutions (sharing a winners circle space with Avast! and AVG), available on the market. Highly recommended!

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