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How to Repair Corrupted MS Word Document?

There are multiple software utilities, offering to repair corrupted Word files. Most of them are commercial, and the quality of the task is questionable.

I have found this small trick of repairing Word files, just using the built-in capabilities of the Microsoft Word. To my surprise, the method worked perfectly for two files, where I badly needed to recover the lost formatting. The process was fast, easy, and did not require additional programs downloading.

Hope, that might be handy for you as well. I am just surprised that I have never stumbled in the option before.

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  • Step 1 - Open Microsoft Word.
  • Step 2 - Click File -> Open -> and select your damaged document by highlighting it. Do not click on the file since it will open it by default.
  • Step 3 - Click on the down arrow of the open button and select Open and repair.

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