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-Does your computer contain critical data?
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Fixing Computer Problems after Virus Removal with Disk Heal

Disk Heal is a useful tool that tweaks your PC and fixes common computer problems. Initially it was a program which fixed disk problems that occur after a virus has been removed with a few additional features like changing the icon of a drive. Currently it performs various other tweaks as well.

Main Features:

  • Fixes Disk Problems. Can’t open your drive just by clicking it? Getting error messages like “Could not find something” or an Open With dialog? Disk Heal fixes these problems in just one click.
  • Fixes Task Manager inaccessibility
  • Fixes Folder Options inaccessibility
  • Fixes Registry Editor inaccessibility
  • Can’t access any of the above three features, Disk Heal fixes this problem
  • Fixes File/Folder inaccessibility: Has a virus hidden your files/folders and you cannot unhide it? Use disk heal to fix this problem.
  • Perform Tweaks: Performs various other tweaks to optimize your pc including:
  • Security Tweaks:
-Password protect these features
-Enable/Disable Task Manager
-Enable/Disable Folder options
-Enable/Disable the registry editor
-Lock the location of ‘My Documents’
-Enable/Disable Display Properties
-Enable/Disable ‘Search’
-Enable/Disable ‘Run’
-Enable/Disable Control Panel
-Enable/Disable Shutdown
-Enable/Disable CPU Beep
-Enable/Disable CD Auto-run
-Hide/unhide Start->(All) Programs menu
-Enable/Disable the Context menu in My Computer & Desktop
-Enable/Disable My Computer
-Hide/Show ‘Pinned’ items from the Start menu
-Remove ‘Manage’ in My Computer Context Menu
  • Appearance Tweaks:
-Change drive icon
-Enable/Disable Clear-Type (Also known as ‘Font smoothing’ Fonts)
-Enable/Disable smooth scrolling
-Hide/Show the left panel from My Computer
-Hide/Show the current user in the Start menu
-Hide/Show the windows version on the Desktop
-Hide/Show windows error messages on startup
  • Internet Explorer Tweaks:
-Enable/Disable Auto-complete
-Check if Default Browser
-Lock current home page
-Increase simultaneous downloads to 10
  • Control Panel Tweaks
-Hide\Show Accessibility Options
-Hide\Show Add\Remove programs
-Hide\Show Console Options
-Hide\Show Date\Time Options
-Hide\Show Display Options
-Hide\Show Fax Options
-Hide\Show Hardware Wizard
-Hide\Show IR Port Options
-Hide\Show Regional Options
-Hide\Show Internet Settings
-Hide\Show Joystick Options
-Hide\Show licensing programs
-Hide\Show Keyboard\Mouse Options
-Hide\Show mail Options
-Hide\Show sound Options
-Hide\Show dial-up Options
-Hide\Show network & connectivity Wizard
-Hide\Show modem Options
-Hide\Show Netware client Options
-Hide\Show ODBC options
-Hide\Show PC card Options
-Hide\Show port Options
-Hide\Show power Options
-Hide\Show scanner and camera Options
-Hide\Show server manager Wizard
-Hide\Show speech Options
-Hide\Show System Properties
-Hide\Show Telephone Properties
-Hide\Show TweakUI Properties
-Hide\Show User Manager Properties
-Hide/Show WSP client options NEW!
-Hide/Show Quicktime preferences NEW!
-Hide/show Norton Live update client NEW!
-Hide/Show Compaq Agent NEW!

Operating Systems: Windows NT; Windows 2000; Windows XP; Windows Vista.

System Requirements:
  • At least Pentium II or equivalent 166 MHz Processor.
  • At least 32MB RAM.
  • Administrator privileges
Additional Notes:
Tabctl32.ocx and comdlg32.ocx are required components to run Disk Heal, this is generally installed into the system directory. However a security feature in your computer may prevent installation of the file. You can install it manually by downloading it from here(tabctl32.ocxcomdlg32.ocx) and copying it to your system directory (default: “C:/windows/system32″), Re-launch the application.

Developer: Computer Realm Software.

Screenshots (Click to Enlarge):

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